Why Are Water Polo Swimsuits So Small?

Have you ever watched a water polo game? If so, you may have noticed that the players are wearing very small swimsuits.

From our experience, the skin-tight swimsuits are quite uncomfortable and the players look like they’re about to burst out of them. So, why do water polo players wear such small swimsuits?

In fact, there are several reasons why water polo swimsuits are so small.

First, the tight fit of the swimsuit prevents opponents from grabbing and holding onto the players.

Second, the small swimsuit reduces the drag of water, which allows the players to move more quickly in the pool. Third, the tight fit allows for maximum flexibility.

Let’s check out each of these reasons in more detail.

Why Are Water Polo Swimsuits So Small?

The answer to this question has two parts.

The first part has to do with the practicality of the suits and the second part has to do with the sport’s history. Let’s start with practicality.

The Benefits of Thight Polo Water Swimsuits

Water polo is an incredibly physical sport. Players constantly grapple with each other, trying to steal the ball or prevent their opponents from scoring.

To prevent their opponents from grabbing onto their suit, water polo players wear tight and form-fitting suits. This makes it harder for opponents to get a good grip.

In addition, tight suits help reduce the drag of water. Water resistance is a major factor in swimming and every little bit counts when you’re trying to swim quickly across a pool.

Wearing a tight suit allows water polo players to move through the water more easily and with less resistance.

Tight suits also allow for maximum flexibility. Players need to be able to move quickly and easily in all directions to stay ahead of their opponents. Wearing a loose-fitting suit would slow them down.

Now that we’ve explored the practical reasons for why water polo swimsuits are so small, let’s take a look at the history of the sport.

The History of Water Polo

Water polo was originally created as a form of rugby played in rivers and lakes. The first recorded game of water rugby was played in England in 1876.

At that time, men wore long woolen shorts and button-down shirts for both practical and modesty reasons. It wasn’t until much later that Speedos or “jammer” style swimsuits became popular for male athletes.

Nowadays, water polo is still an incredibly physical sport but the clothing has changed quite a bit! Female athletes now wear form-fitting swimsuits while male athletes wear Speedos or jammers.

Do Male Water Polo Players Wear Speedos or Jammers?

Yes, male water polo players do wear Speedos or jammers. The tight-fitting swimwear helps them move quickly through the water and prevents their opponents from grabbing onto their suit.

While speedos were originally designed for Olympic athletes, they have become popular among recreational swimmers and water polo players as well.

Jammers are swimsuits that cover the thighs and go up to the waist. They are often worn by male water polo players because they provide more coverage than Speedos while still being tight-fitting.


While they might look strange to us, there is actually a lot of meaning behind water polo swimsuits! Everything about these suits serves a purpose, from their tight fit to their small size.

Now that you know more about why water polo players wear such tiny swimsuits, you can appreciate the sport (and the athletes!) even more!