Why Do Bald Guys Wear Hats?

Wearing a hat while bald is a subject of much debate. In some cultures, it looks great and is used as a fashion statement.

However, in others, it’s seen as bizarre or even offensive.

This article will look at the various reasons why do bald guys wear hats.

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Reasons Why Bald Guys Love Wearing Hats

why do bald guys wear hats all day

1. Covering baldness

Bald guys can use hats as a way to cover up their bald spot, or even as a way to make them feel better about their appearance, especially when they’re in public.

However, some men who wear hats aren’t trying to hide anything; they just enjoy wearing them.

2. Looking cool

A bald person can look cool. Imagine what you will, but if you think walking around with a giant hat on looks cool, then so is your baldness.

In fact, just the opposite is true: your baldness could make you a little less cool and more like a dork in that case.

3. For protection

Hats not only look cool, but they can serve as protection. In the past, hats were worn to protect people from the sun and/or cold, just like today.

However, today’s hat-wearer can also be trying to hide his baldness by covering his head with a large hat or cap.

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4. A way to express individuality

If you’re going bald, then chances are you’re an individual and if hats can help you express that individuality, then so can losing your hair.

Some lose their hair because they want to be unique while others do it because they don’t like what they see in the mirror.

5. Famous men wearing hats

There are a variety of famous bald men who have chosen to wear hats for some time, including Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, and Kiefer Sutherland.

This might make some men interested in wearing hats in order to look like the actor or public figure they appreciate so much.

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6. For personalities

Some men are known for their personalities, as opposed to their looks.

They like to make a fashion statement with the hats they wear, even if they are balding on top.

7. To hide the signs of aging

Hats may be worn in order to hide the signs of aging in general, not just baldness.

It’s easy to tell when someone is elderly just by looking at their hair, so some people try to cover it up with a hat or wig.

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8. For a new look

Some men want to change their appearances and are afraid that if they don’t change, they’ll look like old men.

They will wear a hat in order to make themselves look younger.

9. For the attention

Some men wear hats to get attention. They like the stares, whispers, and double-takes that come from having a hat on their head.

It’s as if their hat makes them special and other people want to know what the deal is with the man in the special hat.

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Do bald guys Wear Hats Mean Hat fishing?

The term “hat fishing” is often used to describe or in other words: cat-calls.

According to Urban Dictionary, this term is used to explain the odd phenomenon of men with balding heads wearing hats as a way to attract women.

However, it does not necessarily mean that bald guys who wear hats are looking for a hook-up.

Some men wear hats because they like the effect it has on others and the attention that comes from wearing them.

Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

No, wearing a hat will not cause you to lose your hair.

Wearing a hat can lead to your hairline receding since the tension from wearing a hat is constantly bending the follicles and causing them to loosen.

This will make it so that when you take off the hat, these follicles are still loosened and may cause you to lose a few hairs.

It is also important to note that wearing a hat, can make it so that the scalp is constantly drying out, making it so that you have to wash your hair more often.


Hats are used to hide baldness, protect the head, and make men look cool.

By wearing hats that fit your personality, it can help you to express who you are and what it is your trying to accomplish.

Clearly, men’s fashion has changed over time; many people have joined the balding head revolution by going hatless with their shaved sides.

However, if you’re looking for a good covering for your thinning locks or an attractive way of expressing who you are, then hats will do just that.