Why Do Long-Distance Runners Wear Gloves: They Actually Help A Lot!

If you, love running, or love watching running races or marathons, then you may have noticed the runners wearing gloves.

Truthfully, there is a lot of running gear that you can use to increase your running performance and make the experience more comfortable. Such as running shoes, well-fitted clothes, and blue-tooth headphones. But why would long-distance runners wear gloves?

The answer is simple: Gloves actually help a lot.

Running gloves are made of lightweight material that helps keep your hands warm while also providing much-needed protection from the elements. Besides that, you can also benefit from their enhanced grip, making it easier to carry anything while running.

That sounds like the perfect running gear, right? But why exactly do long-distance runners wear gloves? Let’s explore why below.

What Are the Benefits of Running Gloves?

Credit: Ayumi Miyashita

From function to form, gloves can make a difference in your comfort and enjoyment while out on the road or trail.

Let’s explore the reasons why long-distance runners wear gloves and how they might benefit your own runs.

Your Hands Can Get Enough Warmth

One of the benefits of wearing gloves while running is that they can keep your hands warm enough.

You might think that running warms up the body so much that the hands don’t need extra protection.

However, it’s no secret that jogging or running for long distances can take quite a while to warm up

Even when the conditions are just right and you are feeling good, it can take some time to start getting into a rhythm. 

When you begin jogging, your heart rate will be slower and your muscles won’t be firing as quickly as they do during high-intensity workouts, making it more difficult to maintain the same speed over longer distances.

Also, chilly temperatures can damper that, leaving your hands feeling cold and stiff.

It can also slow down your warm-up process because your body needs to work extra hard to compensate for these variables.

Therefore, wearing gloves during long-distance running can provide the extra layer of warmth you need to get into your groove quickly.

2. You Can Wipe Your Sweat Off 

Sweating is inevitable when you run, but that doesn’t mean you have to just let the sweat drip down your face and into your eyes.

If you’re not wearing gloves, then you might be tempted to wipe your sweaty forehead with your sleeve or shirt. 

While this might seem harmless to deal with the sweat, it can be pretty gross. It can also lead to acne breakouts on your face if you’re constantly wiping away sweat with a dirty shirt sleeve. 

Wearing gloves gives you a much cleaner way to deal with sweating. When you start to feel the sweat on your forehead, use the back of your hand (i.e., the part of your glove) to wipe it away.

This will help keep the sweat out of your eyes and off your face.

You Can Enjoy the Enhanced Grip for Holding Stuff 

Wearing gloves while running can also give you an enhanced grip on any objects you might need to carry with you while running, such as water bottles or energy gels. 

This can be helpful if you tend to lose your grip on things when your hands start sweating. Moreover, gloves are definitely a must-have if you love to hold your phone while running.

Additionally, the enhanced grip you get from gloves can help you maintain balance on slippery surfaces or when running downhill. 

Should You Wear Running Gloves for Daily Workout In Gym?

If those benefits above seem more attractive to outdoor running, you may wonder if running gloves are necessary for a daily workout in the gym.

The answer is: yes; why not!

Not only will you need to wear gloves when lifting weights or doing your cardio routine on a treadmill, but you can also benefit from the improved grip, comfort, and protection of running gloves.

Plus, wearing gloves in the gym can be a great way to stay germ-free since most gyms don’t provide towels for each user.

Are Running Gloves Helpful In Summer?

We get it; wearing gloves in the summer might seem counterintuitive since most people only think of gloves as winter gear.

But hear us out—wearing gloves in the summer can actually help keep your hands cool by protecting them from direct sunlight.

If you live in a hot climate or tend to run outdoors during peak sun hours (i.e., between 10 am and 4 pm), consider investing in a pair of lightweight running gloves that will help keep your hands cool and protect from sun damage.


As you can see, there are actually quite a few benefits to wearing gloves while running—even if it’s not cold outside!

So if you’ve been thinking about giving running gloves a try, we say go for it! And who knows, maybe they’ll become one of your favorite running accessories.

Have any questions about running gloves or other running gear? Feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to help fellow runners find the best gear for their needs!