Why Golfers Love Wearing Hat? Here’s the Answer

Nice day for golfing ain’t it? You may get all the equipment you need before going to the golf course. But wait, do you have your golf hats already?

You may have noticed that a lot of famous golfers wear a hat and some have been their typical symbols. Like the black baseball cap Tiger Woods used to wear.

But why do golfers love wearing hats? The answer is quite simple:

Golfers love wearing hats since they can provide sun protection and keep the sunlight away from their eyesight. Hence they can focus on every shot.

Besides, golf hats are so stylish and accessories to show personalities.

And if you want to see more detailed information and know what protection you will gain from golf, then keep reading this article.

Does Hat Help In Golf?

Of Course, a golf hat will help you a lot on the golf course. Each golf hat has there own level of protection, and this section will explain the different kinds of protection.

1. Protect Your Face from Harsh Sunlight

To choose a golf hat based on sun protection, you will need to look at the brim size and UV protection it has.

It may say it on the golf hat when you’re looking so be sure to get something along these lines.

It’s best to purchase the right kind of hat so your head won’t get sunburned because it can happen if you choose the wrong kind of hat.

Since golf is an outdoor activity, you will need a breathable hat during the months when it gets the hottest.

Depending on where you live, that could be all year round or it could be a few months out of the year.

Usually, spring and summer have the warmest months in most places.

2. Keep the Raindrop Away on Rainy Days

Purchasing a waterproof golf hat for rainy days is ideal since golf is an outdoor sport.

An unexpected downpour can happen at any moment, especially if you live in an area where that kind of weather happens often.

It wouldn’t hurt to purchase a hat that has moisture-wicking material so you won’t be sweating as much.

By purchasing a waterproof hat, you will want your golf hat to dry faster so you won’t be stuck wearing a wet hat due to weather or sweat.

3. Keep Sweat From Your Eyesight

During the summer months, it’s best to purchase a golf hat that feels light and will attract cool air to keep the sweat away.

Sweat-wicking hats will do the trick. Golf hats with mesh panels are very breathable for a sweltering day.

The mesh cap has holes that will allow for your head to get some breathing room.

You may sweat a little bit but you won’t have sweat running down your face.

That can get uncomfortable and tiresome because you have to keep stopping to wipe the sweat away.

The mesh panels will prevent that situation from happening.

4. Offer Warmth for Winter Golfing

As mentioned earlier, the winter months can cause some strong winds. It’s best to purchase a golf hat for winter that covers both thermal and wind insulation.

One of the types of hats that involve both of these types includes a wool hat. By wearing a wool hat, your head will be kept warm throughout your day.

It’s hard to play if you’re not warm, and a wool or fleece golf hat will help keep you warm from head to toe.

5. Won’t Fly Away Even On Wind Days

Purchasing a hat with wind protection is a big thing. A gust of wind can come at any moment no matter where you are.

It also comes to warn you that a storm is coming. Most of the time strong gusts of wind will come in the winter because it’s followed by cool air.

When you’re choosing a hat with wind protection, it will not say it on the package if you end up purchasing one at the store.

Pay close attention to the style when looking. A hat with a chin strap and adjustable hats are great options to look into.

What Hats Do Pro Golfers Wear?

what to consider when choosing types of golf hats

Now it’s time to get deeper in detail. In this section, you will find out what makes these hats favored by golfers, and the benefits you get from these hats while playing golf.

1. Bucket Hats/Boonie Hats Give the Best Sunproof

The bucket hat is the best hat choice for sun-blocking. Due to the wide brim style, your entire face will be protected.

In addition to your face, your neck and chin will also be protected.

Golfers wear these to prevent themselves from getting burnt by the aggressive heat coming from the sun.

2. Classic Baseball Caps Are Versatile

Many people wear baseball caps for golf, and the best part is you can use them for all outdoor activities so you’re not purchasing a hat just for golf.

Many men and women wear these caps for golf to protect their heads from the sun.

It will also provide a little bit of shade since there usually isn’t any shade on the course.

It’s easier for women to stick their ponytails through with baseball caps having ponytail holes.

3. Beanie (Bobble Hats) Keep Your Head Warm In Winter

Beanie hats are great to keep yourself warm if you’re out golfing in the cold air.

You will want to purchase at least one of these, so you can keep your mind on the game and not on your body temperature.

4. Straw Hats Suit Summer Most

This is another great hat to wear when it’s hot because it will keep you cool during the spring and summer months when the sun is the strongest.

Straw hats are lightweight and will keep you cool and protected from the sunlight.

These hats will provide shade to the back of your neck and your face so you won’t get a sunburn.

5. Flat Caps for Male Golfers

You won’t find flap caps on the shelves for women because this is better suited for men because of the style.

It’s a great cap to wear for driving the golf cart as well, and it will fit very comfortably on your head.

6. Hat Visors Allow Max Air Flow

Golf hat visors are very breathable. Many golfers wear them for that reason.

Another reason why they wear them is that it’s easy to see the game so they won’t miss their perfect shot.

And this visor also protects your face from the sun. Since you don’t have anything on top of your head, it keeps your head cool in the heat.

7. Rope Hat Adds Stylish Sense

The rope style provides the same kind of protection that some of the other hats mentioned above provide.

The only difference is the style. If you like hats that have a rope-like appearance on the front, then this hat will be perfect for you.

What Hats do Golfers Wear in the Winter?

A few of the most recommended hats to wear in the winter include wool hats, beanies, and baseball caps with ear flaps.

The baseball caps with ear flaps have not been mentioned yet, but these prevent the cool winds from entering your ears.

Wool hats, beanies, and baseball caps will provide warmth to your head and the rest of your body making it easier to put all your focus on the game.

What Hats do Golfers Wear in the Summer?

Now that you are familiar with the types of hats you can purchase for the winter months, what about the summer months?

There are also several hats you can wear while golfing in the heat.

Bucket hats, ball caps, visors, and straw hats all provide sun protection to your face and are breathable so you’re not sweating profusely.

The most recommended is the bucket hat because it provides the most sun protection.

Not only is your face protected, but your neck, chin, and the back of your neck are also protected.

What Famous Brands Do Golfers Choose?

This section will give you some ideas on the most popular brands that golfers tend to purchase. You will learn about the features of each brand, and the reasons why golfers purchase them.

1. Callaway

The Callaway brand is one of the best for sun protection in the heat.

Golfers love this brand because it boosts the level of protection you get, and this brand has moisture-wicking material to prevent the sweat from running down your face.

Another great feature is that it’s adjustable and will fit any size head.

2. Titleist

You can purchase any style with Titleist. They have cotton hats, mesh hats, visors, etc… Golfers like this brand because of the vast array of selections this brand has to offer.

3. Taylormade

A lot of professional golfers choose the Taylormade brand because they spend more time out in the sun than people who golf as their hobby.

One of the best features is that it has an adjustable fit, so it will fit comfortably no matter how big or small your head is.

4. Adidas

You may prefer to purchase this brand because it’s familiar and you know their products.

The cotton material will provide a level of comfort for you, and just like the Taylormade brand, the Adidas brand has an adjustable fit as well.

5. Nike

This is also a familiar brand and many golfers have other products made by Nike.

It makes sense for people to also purchase Nike golf hats. As you try on this brand for your golf hat, you will notice it has a sweatband lined inside.

This will give you comfort and will help you sweat less.