Best Wind- and Water-proof Winter Motorcycle Gloves in 2022

When temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius, it’s time to put on winter gloves. Protection against cold should be your number one focus during the cold season. With the right pair of winter gloves, your hands will be comfortable and warm. So, how do you know the best from all the gloves available in the market?

This article has been prepared to tell you:

  • The best winter motorcycle gloves and features
  • How to pick the right gloves
  • Tips on riding a motorcycle in the winter among other things

best winter motorcycle gloves reviews


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What Makes the Warmest Winter Gloves for a Motorcycle?

Riding during the winter is not as easy as riding during summer. You need the best gloves to provide you with great wind protection and protection from any sort of accident.

Some of the important features to consider include:

Inner membrane and liners

The materials used in the lining vary considerably. A winter glove should provide you with better insulation compared to the other gloves.

Materials used in the inner membrane include 3M Thinsulate and Gore-Tex among others.

The Gore-Tex lining is warmer than 3M Thinsulate and it is waterproof. 3M Thinsulate features as a thermal lining for shock absorption.

These two materials are lightweight to help you handle your motorcycle safely.

Long cuffs

Long cuffs ensure your hands are well insulated when riding. They ensure there is no gap between the jacket and the glove.

This will ensure you remain comfortable when riding without having to stop to readjust the cuffs occasionally.

Waterproof material

Your gloves must not pick up moisture from the environment. Wet fingers feel as awful as having wet feet.

When riding your motorcycle, you need to be comfortable. The gloves you wear should be made of waterproof material.

The best waterproof materials are neoprene and rubber.

Leather is also waterproof but its comfort cannot compare to that of a rubber or neoprene material.

Leather palms

A leather palm is breathable and warm. Besides providing you with a better grip, a leather palm also ensures the palm of your hand remains warm as you ride.


What Is Important in Buying Motorcycle Gloves for Winter?

what to think about when buying winter motorcycle gloves

Choosing the best pair of gloves to wear during the winter is not an easy task. To help you out, here some of the most important things to have in mind:

Short cuffs? Long cuffs?

Cuffs are very important when riding a motorcycle. Your ankles and wrists are not things to be messed around with. They need maximum protection from cold and abrasion.

Buying short cuffs gloves will make you uncomfortable when riding as you will have to stop to readjust the cuffs.

Therefore, a long cuff is your better option during the winter as it clears the gap between the jacket and the gloves. Your wrists and ankles are well protected with long cuffs.

What is the best insulation?

When it is winter, you need gloves that keep your hands warm and comfortable. Ensure that the insulation in the winter glove is enough to make your hands remain warm when riding.

However, the insulation should not be too much such that your hand is puffy, as this will also affect your grip.

Can it be used in heavy snow or rains?

A winter glove should be waterproof even during heavy rains or snow. The glove is only effective if the outer material does not let water in.

Consider a glove with a rubber lining or waterproof membrane such as neoprene.

Additionally, the material used in making the other parts ought to be durable, breathable, and comfortable.

Leather material is most used in many winter gloves. A waterproof leather glove is more durable.

Indie Ridge gloves are for those who in need of gloves made of premium leather for rain.

What size should be the right fit for men and women?

Men and women have different sizes when it comes to many things. Just like every other thing from shoe size to sock size, gloves also have their sizes.

A woman’s glove is one size smaller than a man’s glove. Also, women typically have longer and slender fingers than men.

So, their gloves are cut longer with more slender fingers. You should choose a size that is well suited for your hand for optimal comfort.

What armor can I expect?

Armor is very important since it protects your knuckles from injury in case of an accident. It is not that you will fall off when riding but in case that happens, your knuckles should be well protected.

Hard armor helps prevent you from nasty injuries. A broken knuckle could bench you automatically from riding, thus they need the best protection.

Most gloves are fitted with hard knuckle guards made from steel, brass, Kevlar, or titanium. Others are made using thermal plastic rubber.

How much will I expend on the winter motorcycle gloves?

When shopping for the best winter motorcycle gloves should be guided with the saying: Cheap is Expensive.

When it comes to the safety of your body, you should invest in the correct gear no matter the cost, right?

The best motorcycle gloves to wear during the winter range from $60 to $200.


Best Reviewed Winter Motorcycle Gloves

ISSYAUTO Gloves – with Protective Knuckle Armor

waterproof motorcycle gloves with sensitive touch-screen design on the second finger

These gloves are very much attractive, comfortable, and breathable. The primary focus of a winter glove, however, is to offer your hand protection against cold, rain, hails, and any falling object from the sky.

Shock absorption

These gloves feature a carbon fiber shell design. Thus, it has good shock absorption and offers superior hand protection.

It has a 3mm EVA pad in the palm for shock and impact absorption.

It gives you a tight grip on the handle when you ride your motorcycle even when bending on sharp corners.

Windproof and water-resistant

They are windproof and water-resistant. The inner layer is made of cotton with a rainproof outer to keep your hands warm and dry when driving. You can use these gloves whether it is raining or just normal cold weather.

Touch screen sensitive

You do not need to remove them to operate your smartphones. It has sensitive-touch screen features on the second finger, allowing you to operate your phone easily.

Adjustable strap

It also comes with a Velcro adjustable buckle to customize fitness. This also makes them wind-resistant.

It also features a hard and excellent shell on the back to keep your knuckles safe when you fall.

They will serve you for a long time without wearing off.

Built with a mix of nylon, carbon fiber, and a microfiber palm, you are assured of maximum protection with this pair of gloves.

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Kemimoto Warm Gloves – Budget Buy

waterproof riding gloves for winter

Kemimoto gloves have superb ratings and reviews. They are extremely comfortable and flexible. You will surely love these gloves.


These gloves are very important when driving at night. They feature a reflective design that reflects light, which serves as a warning.

Touch screen sensitive

Operating your phone has been made easier with Kemimoto gloves. It has a 3-finger design allowing you to operate your phones using three fingers. Great, isn’t it?

Hard armor

Your knuckles are well protected as the gloves have hard shell protection on the knuckles. This keeps your hands safe when you fall. The palm features a microfiber material.

Anti-slip and waterproof

It is long-lasting and anti-slip. This ensures your grip is tight and you can easily adjust the speed. It features Limdry technology to assist in making it waterproof.

Furthermore, the mid material is velvet and rainproof outer layer. Your hands will remain warm and dry when driving during winter.

Additionally, it has an elastic band that ensures the hands remain warm and resist the wind.

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Joe Rocket Wind Chill – For Cold Weather

windproof motorcycle gloves for winter

If you have large hands and need better hand protection, look no further. Joe Rocket brand has just what you need for maximum protection.


It is built using leather material. They are not just your normal gloves. The quality leather is highly durable and functions to keep your hands extra warm as you ride during the cold weather.

These gloves are stitched with precision to ensure they last a lifetime.


It features a Waterproof Dry Tech mid-liner and a 100G Thinsulate to keep your hands completely dry and comfortable throughout.


It also has a vibration dissipating gel palm for maximum shock absorption. Your knuckles are well catered for with these gloves as they come integrated with a highly dense knuckle armor for utmost protection.

Wind resistant

You can easily adjust fitness as it has hooks and loops for closure and a toggle and drawcord for wind resistance.

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Blok-It Unisex Leather Gloves – Made of Ultra Durable Thinsulate

winter motorcycle gloves for men and women

These gloves feature a classic design, which makes them stylish. You are assured of comfort and durability when you purchase a pair of Blok-It gloves.

Soft leather

These gloves are built with soft superior leather material. They are warm and comfortable gloves that you can use during cold weather.


They are very flexible as they feature adjustable straps to let you customize the fitness. During winter the season, you need protection, comfort, and flexibility. With Blok-It gloves, you are assured of all these.


They come with a 3M Thinsulate material making them good in shock and abrasion absorption. Additionally, they are double stitched on all main seams to ensure they last long. The inner lining is well padded for increased warmth and comfort throughout the winter.

Strong grip

They are just perfect for the winter seasons as they offer you the best grip compared to most brands in the market. Both men and women when riding a motorcycle or scooter can use these gloves.

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Ltrototea Buckle up Gloves – Touch Screen Available on All Fingertips

ladies winter motorcycle gloves

Do you live in the far north where temperatures are cold throughout? If you are looking for the best gloves to use in these parts for either riding a motorcycle, skiing, or any outdoor sporting activity in the snow, Ski gloves are the product you have been looking for.


They are built with cotton, polyurethane, and thermoplastic polyurethane. They are durable and long-lasting. The gloves come fully packed with a 260g Acrylic fiber cotton and thicken smooth fleece for maximum warmth and comfort.

Slip-resistant and waterproof

The palm features a nonslip soft PU material to provide you with sufficient grip on the handle while skiing or riding.

Furthermore, it has waterproof TPU insert bags to keep your hands dry. They also have waterproof zipper pockets where you can keep a key card or other small items.

Touch screen sensitivity

Operating your phone is such a breeze as all fingers are touch-sensitive. Furthermore, they have a wrist strap, adjustable buckle, and drawing closure for custom fitness. Besides, these also ensure cold air remains locked out.

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ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Gloves – Good for Joints

best budget winter motorcycle gloves

Apart from offering you the best hand protection, these gloves also ensure the hands remain warm and comfortable. These gloves are built by injection molding, assuring you of maximum protection. They are attractive and stylish.

Optimal joint and finger protection

They have been designed to offer your joints optimal protection. They feature anti-collision protectors to protect your fingers.


The glove is waterproof, thus your hands will remain dry. It has small perforations making them breathable and more comfortable.


They have anti-slip features to help them stay in place and ensure your grip is good when riding. The palm area has anti-slip abilities, thus ensuring your grip is tight and strong. It also features a hook and loop closure system, which allows you to adjust the fitness

Reflective strips

Riding in the night has been made safe since the gloves have reflective strips to alert other road users of your presence. These gloves will fit different hands well and they are unisex too.

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Indie Ridge Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves – Most Durable

premium leather winter motorcycle gloves

These motorcycle gloves from Indie Ridge are stylish and provide your hands with maximum protection. Whether you are riding during the winter or summer, across town or in the countryside, these will serve you well.


The premium leather gloves are made from superior and durable leather material with a brown dye. It is very attractive and will serve you for years without it wearing off or losing its attractiveness.

Touch screen fingers

It features mobile touchscreen fingers. This gives you the freedom to navigate through your phone without removing the gloves.

Close-fitting design

The form-fitting design ensures your grip is tight. Furthermore, it has hard knuckles for maximum protection in case of an accident.


The hands will remain dry and cool, as the leather material used in construction is waterproof and breathable. This increases its comfort level.

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What Outer Shell and Inner Shell Material is Suitable for Riding a Motorcycle in Winter?

On the outer shell, you need a material that will protect you from extreme weather elements. The best motorcycle glove should be water-resistant and windproof.

Water-resistant keeps moisture away from your hands leaving them dry and comfortable. You need material such as leather on the outer part coated with a waterproof layer.

Wind will rob your body of its preserved heat, thus you need to avoid it at all cost. How do you do that? Ensure your gloves have adjustable buckles, wrist straps, or drawstrings closure for customized fitting.

The inner part should insulate your hands against heat loss. Thermal liners and fleece material are great in helping to retain the warmth without trapping moisture. There are also heated gloves for extremely cold temperatures.


What to Wear for a Motorcycle Ride in the Winter?

When riding during the winter you need the right type of protective gear. The correct items will ensure you remain safe when riding. Therefore, cost should not be among your worries, but your safety and health must be your priority as a rider.

Here are the most important things you should never miss:

–      Helmet

The helmet should be your first safety gear. It should have better protective features such as more padding and removable liners to keep you warm. Also, it should have a pin-lock visor as this keeps your visor clean.

–      Gloves

Gloves aim for protecting your hands from being stiff and your joints from injury when fallen down. Besides, they should also be rain-, snow- and wind-proof.

–      Goggles

Goggles are important if you have an open face helmet. It protects your eyes from dust and cold winds. They should be made from a crack-resistant material.

–      Jacket

You need a jacket that will protect you from strong winds and it should also be waterproof. Additionally, it should have a winter liner and vent zippers.

For Women: Check here.

For Men: Check here.

–     Boots

Riding a motorcycle with slippers or open shoes is very dangerous during the winter. Consider buying a good pair of boots that offers you better protection from cold weather and crashes.

With these items together with your winter gloves, you should be able to ride your motorcycle comfortably.

For Women: Check here.

For Men: Check here.


Tips on Motorcycle Riding in Winter

useful tips for warm motorcycle riding

These simple tips can keep you riding through the winter. Your spirit of adventure should not be put off by cold temperatures.

 –    Protect your motorcycle from ice damage. 

Moisture trapped in your bike will eventually freeze. A frozen chain will slow your acceleration or it may even break.

Thus, you need to take precautions. Ensure you lubricate it to prevent it from icing.

 –    Fight rust and corrosion. 

During the winter, there is a lot of rust on metal surfaces.

Crystalized salts also play a vital role in fastening the rusting process. Your motorcycle should be cleaned thoroughly after each journey to keep off the rust.

Additionally, you can seal your bike with a good surface-protection fluid.

 –       Keep warm. 

You need the right gear to protect you from cold when riding in the snow or heavy rains. Ensure you have the right protective equipment for better protection.


What Are the Warmest Winter Motorcycle Gloves?

The best gloves feature inner lines made of 3M Thinsulate for shock absorption and Gore-Tex.

The outer material should be made of waterproof material to keep moisture out of the gloves.

Thermoplastic rubber, neoprene, and leather material are the best waterproof materials used in construction.

Long cuffs are also the best since they ensure you are more comfortable. They remove the space between the gloves and your jacket, thus ensuring maximum wrist protection.



1. What temperature should I wear winter motorcycle gloves?

You need to protect your body well before riding a motorcycle in the winter. When temperatures fall to 10 degrees Celsius, it is time to put on a gear that guarantees absolute protection against extreme weather conditions.

2. Do thin motorcycle gloves work well in winter?

If you love thin gloves and are worried if they work well during the winter, then put all your worries aside and purchase them.

They are very effective in protecting your hands against cold temperatures when riding during the winter season.