Wool vs. Felt Cowboy Hat: The Ultimate Showdown & Pros’ Guide

As a cowboy hat lover, I know some of you are always troubled by how to choose the right materials. And there is an age-old question that has plagued many people:

Wool vs felt cowboy hat and which one should you choose anyway?

It even raises more questions about:

– I want to buy a good one that can last for a long time, but should I stick to a fur felt one?

– Are wool felt cowboy hats really that bad?

– Is there any answer to both budget and quality?

Sadly, there is no easy answer to all the questions above. But still, It’s time to put this debate to rest once and for all.

And you will learn more than a simple comparison—our suggestion and recommendation for a budget and durable cowboy hat material choice.

Stay Tuned!

Wool Felt Vs. Fur Felt Cowboy Hat: An Old-Age Debated; And Here’s A New Competitor

First, I’ll correct a common misconception: when we discuss wool and felt hats, we discuss wool felt and fur felt cowboy hats.

Wool felt is wool that has been matted, compressed, and worked until it becomes one big piece of

felt. While fur felt is made out of beaver, rabbit, or other blend furs.

Then let’s check some comparisons between wool felt and fur felt that you may have already seen.

Fur-felt cowboy hats are known for their durability; they can last for generations and maintain their good shape throughout the years; they are also resistant to shrinking, even after a downpour; these hats can also take more abuse, such as being bashed or creased, without losing their appearance.

While wool-felt cowboy hats are less durable than fur-felt ones and tend to shrink and lose shape easily, wool-felt hats could also get stinky easily when wet.

In one word: Wool felt cowboy hat is worthy and wool felt cowboy hats can never be an alternative for the fur felt cowboy hat.

But should you go directly to a fur-felt cowboy hat even if you don’t have the budget? Well, they’re more info you should know about wool and felt cowboy hats.

Wool Felt Cowboy Hat: A Good Choice for A Starter & Good Enough for Collectors

When it comes to wool felt cowboy hats, they are a cheaper option for those starting out in the hat world.

You can try out different types of styles and colors of cowboy hats with lower-priced options.

Generally, they are a great option to help ease you into the world of cowboy hats. You can get used to wearing a hat and how it feels, and learn what size is your preference.

With a cost of no more than $70, wearing wool-felt cowboy hats will shorten your learning curves about cowboy hats amazingly. If you like it, just buy it!

More importantly, you can gain experience from how you treat your wool-felt cowboy hats.

If you find that you are particularly hard on your hats and tend to ruin them within months, you’ll likely do the same with more expensive fur-felt cowboy hats.

Last of all, low quality doesn’t mean all wool felt cowboy hats are for awful taste.

You will find many wool-felt cowboy hats in good shape and perfect design. As a hat collector, you cannot miss them!

Fur Felt Cowboy Hat: Durable, Long Last, Definitely Worth Hundreds of Cost

After months with wool-felt cowboy hats, now you might be thinking of a genuinely decent, quality cowboy hat. And without a doubt, fur-felt cowboy hats are what you are looking for.

Choosing fur-felt cowboy hats is choosing what real cowboys used to wear.

Cowboys have been wearing cowboy hats since the late 1800s. But do you know that fur-felt is the original material for cowboy hats?

Around 1865, John B. Stetson, the first cowboy hat designer, named his first cowboy hat the Boss of the Plains, made from fine fur from beaver and rabbits.

Cowboys needed a hat that would last for a long time, and fur-felt cowboy hats are definitely the right choice. They are durable and long-lasting, and they are definitely worth the cost.

A Fur-felt cowboy hat will protect you whenever you need it.

Whether you are working in the hot sun or caught in a sudden rainstorm, fur-felt cowboy hats will keep you protected. They are made to withstand any kind of weather, and they will keep you comfortable in any climate.

Fur-felt cowboy hats allow you to keep your favored hat for generations.

It’s heartbreaking to see our favorite cowboy hats get ruined by the weather. But with fur-felt cowboy hats, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

These hats are made to last and will stay in good condition for years to come. With so many benefits, the only drawback is the cost; these hats are definitely worth hundreds of dollars.

But when you compare the cost to the durability and quality, fur-felt cowboy hats are definitely worth the investment.

However, if you are not ready to spend that much money on a cowboy hat, will there be any alternatives for fur-felt cowboy hats?

The answer is yes!

Lite Felt Cowboy Hat: An Budget Choice for fur Felt Cowboy Hat

Generally, few people are familiar with the name of the lite felt. But if you have ever gone to the local hat store, you may find some hats are marked with a sign of Lite Felt®.

So what’s Lite Felt? Is it a name or some kind of material?

The Bollman Hat Company (Bailey Hats for now) is responsible for the invention of lite felt.

In the 1980s, they developed a process that treated natural wool felt with a water repellent and shape-retaining treatment. This created a new type of hat material that was lighter and less stiff than traditional wool felt.

Now you can many kinds of life cowboy hats in many brands of hats. Have you ever found some cowboy hats that are rollable and crushable? That’s it.

Lite felt was an instant hit; if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to fur-felt cowboy hats, then lite-felt cowboy hats are the perfect option for you.

First, lite felt uses fine wool as the material. You will spend less than fur-felt cowboy hats. They are also water repellent and will keep their shape well, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

The crushable feature also makes lite felt cowboy hats ideal for traveling: you can simply roll them up and pack them in your suitcase without worry.

And you can enjoy a longer lifespan of over 5 years around. But the drawback is obvious as well: you cannot decrease them.

Our Suggestion: Choose Whatever You Want As It Looks Good On You

Well, deep enough for the history and info. Let’s get back to the topic – what kind of cowboy hats should you choose?

Here’s our ultimate suggestion: choose whatever you want as it looks good on you.

But seriously, folks – it all comes down to personal preference. Whether you want to go with a wool or fur-felt cowboy hat, the bottom line is that you should choose what makes you look and feel your best.

So don’t be afraid to experiment a little. If you love one wool felt cowboy hat’s design or its beautiful color, feel free to try it on – you might just find the perfect cowboy hat for you!

As for the lifespan and quality issues, good treatment is crucial to making your cowboy hat last for long.

But if you are still undecided, here are some quick tips:

1. If you are likely to live in an area with a wet climate, choose lite felt/fur felt based on your budget.

2. If you will use your cowboy hats for daily wear, go with higher quality wool felt no more than $100 or fur felt hats, and lite felt cowboy hats other else.

3. If you want to wear your felt cowboy hat in summer, fur felt cowboy hats are better as they are breathable and more prone to your sweat.

Final Words

Phew, it seems the old debate between wool felt and fur felt cowboy hats has ended. Both of them and the new competitor life felt cowboy hat have their own pros and cons.

So we suggest that it comes down to what you want and what looks good on you. And good treatment is necessary to make your cowboy hat last long.

If you wonder about my personal choice, I’ll say that I love how the wool-felt cowboy hat gives me various options for different colors and decor at a low price. But I’ll wear them carefully and only wear them on fair days.

What are your thoughts? Let me know! And Don’t forget to favorite our website to see our newest post!

Have a good hat day!