Our Top 5 Online Stores To Get the Best Worn Trucker Hats

If you’re looking for a way to express your personal style, worn trucker hats are the perfect accessory.

However, shopping for a quality worn trucker hat that captures your personal style can be daunting. And what makes it even harder is that finding a store to provide enough variety to choose from.

We understand the difficulty in finding worn trucker hats, so we’ve done the legwork for you and found five of the best online stores that stock worn trucker hats!

Vintage Life

Vintage Life is a lifestyle brand for men and women that specializes in worn trucker hats and other vintage merchandise.

Founded by entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and vintage collector Jake Roberts, Vintage Life was born out of his passion to bring the best selection of worn trucker hats and other vintage merchandise to people around the world.

About Their Trucker Hats

Vintage Life’s worn trucker hat offers a unique twist on the classic hat style. The distressed details provide a “worn-out” look that adds a hint of vintage flair.

The low profile fit ensures an ultra-relaxed and stylish vibe. With a mid-curved brim, your face curve will be complemented for maximum eye-catching appeal.

Though they provide various themes of pattern to choose from, the form and construction remain the same. They come in one size and have adjustable snapback closures for a custom fit.

Our Rating:

Price: 9/10

Style: 7.5/10

Comfort: 8/10

Their Best Sellers

“Bad Decisions Make Good Stories” Distressed Trucker Cap

“Corks Are For Quitters” Distressed Trucker Cap

“Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood” Distressed Trucker Cap

Original Retro Brand

Get ready to experience the vintage vibes of The Original Retro Brand. Through unique techniques in garment dyeing and softening, they bring classic t-shirts to life with a nostalgic feel.

Not only do they offer lines for men’s, women’s, and youth apparel as well as headwear, but they also collaborate with leading sports entities like College Vault and over 700 universities.

These partnerships have resulted in collections featuring Guinness Beer, MillerCoors, General Motors, and much more!

You can find their products in more than 200 fashion-forward boutiques across the country as well as college bookstores, sports venues, and fan shops.

About Their Trucker Hats

Different from Vintage Life’s worn trucker hats, Original Retro Brand’s worn trucker hat features a wider brim for more sun-shading coverage.

Besides, their hats also come with various patch options such as slogans and patterns that can be easily interchanged to represent your own personal style.

Sadly the color option is limited to only black, white, and navy blue with a few variations.

Our Rating:

Price: 8.5/10

Style: 8/10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Their Best Sellers

Lone Star Beer Snap Back Trucker Cap

Local Celebrity Snap Back Trucker Cap

California Republic Snap Back Trucker Cap

Angry Minnow Apparel

Established in 2015, this Minneapolis-based company has been providing unique flannel shirts, hats, tees, and hoodies with a throwback or distressed look to customers across the US and Canada.

With its 17,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, 10 full-time staff, and 35 part-time employees, Angry Minnow is always at hand when you need that perfect piece of retro style.

And to top it off – their high-traffic e-commerce website as well as their cloud-based Clover system handles all transactions in an effortless manner.

But what truly sets them apart is their team of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing joy into your life. Get ready for classic looks from Angry Minnow!

About Their Trucker Hats

If you have a high fashion sense, you’ll love Angry Minnow’s worn trucker hats. The well-distressed color and weathered brim give the hat an edgy yet subtle look for any occasion.

Even better, their patch options are colorful and varied with various sizes of patches to choose from.

And if you want more color in your life, their hat color options are the way to go with options of red, olive, orange, and more.

Our Rating:

Price: 8/10

Style: /10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Their Best Sellers

Pabst Blue Ribbon Vintage Hat- Distressed Royal Blue

Friends Of Smokey Bear Hat- Distressed Sage Green Snapback

Lil’ Buddy Hat – Limited Edition Ginger

Coastal Hobo

Coastal Hobo is a family-owned manufacturer and online seller of eco-friendly, luxurious products that are free from animal fats and chemicals.

Founded in 2008, our artisans use century-old weaving techniques to create Turkish towels that offer superior quality in terms of softness, absorbency, and quick drying properties.

Each towel has been handwoven with attention to detail and made with love – all while incorporating beautiful Ottoman carpet designs as an elegant finishing touch.

About Their Trucker Hats

As a worn trucker hat lover, you’ll be thrilled with Coastal Hobo’s worn trucker hats.

Not only is the unstructured crown incredibly soft and comfortable, but it also features good worn-out details that give the hat a one-of-a-kind vintage look.

The color options are plentiful as well. Each patch option has been worn in to perfection and comes in subtle pastel colors for a polished yet cool look.

Our Rating:

Price: 7.5/10

Style: 9/10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Their Best Sellers




Brown & Hopkins Country Store

Brown & Hopkins Country Store is one of the oldest businesses still in operation today. It has a history that dates back to 1799, when RI local Timothy Wilmarth built a residence and hattery on Main Street in Chepachet.

After changing hands several times, James Brown and William Hopkins became business partners in 1921, owning and operating the store until 2004 when it was purchased by Elizabeth Yuill.

Today the store is still open, boasting a unique collection of new, modern mercantile items such as home decor, gifts, candles and gourmet specialties alongside vintage relics from its first opening over 200 years ago.

Visitors are invited to explore over two centuries of history in one location! And their online store is just as impressive, offering the same variety of historical items in an easy-to-browse format.

About Their Trucker Hats

Brown & Hopkins Country Store offers worn trucker hats with plenty of vintage style and personality.

Somehow it feels like that worn-in feel is just what you’d expect from a store with centuries of history behind it.

Each worn trucker hat features a unique patch design and worn-in look that adds character and flair to any outfit. Though options are less varied than other stores, each hat’s charm is undeniable.

Our Rating:

Price: 8.5/10

Style: 7/10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Worn-out: 10/10

Their Best Sellers

Final Words

No matter where you’re looking for worn trucker hats, there are plenty of options to choose from.

From established brands like Angry Minnow and Coastal Hobo to vintage-style havens like Brown & Hopkins Country Store, there’s something out there that will suit your style – whatever it may be.

So don’t wait any longer – start exploring worn trucker hats today! Good luck on your vintage distressed hat journey.